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of a shout of road, in front of Lima has a lot of Long Island, three men from the front of Xiao go far interdiction.
For these interdiction, Xiao Yan is a sneer,Coach Outlet Online, the body of a grudge run to the extreme, a mouth, is spouting flames from its mouth, that horrible heat, and even some semi-holy strong complexion are some changes to Hsiao-yen’s strength today, trying different means of fire and power, compared to the previous tough not know how many times, one mouth, one that is filled with flames, for as before, even if his body drained vindictive, are quite difficult to come up with such a momentum.
With fire blocking the sea,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan Shouyi Zhao, a fire cover is wrapped in the crowd, since the flames quickly passing several flashes, it is now out of the sky dragon temple.
‘Where to the darn thing, I have three living GanluanEvent! ‘
Xiao Yan appear in the sky when the Dragon Temple, Bao an exploding like thunder in the ear, and soon, an ape-like body as black-faced Han flashed out, looking grim punch is facing Shaw Yan anger bang away, terrible force, even the air within a radius of Baizhang, are being drained instantly.
‘Xiao Yan careful,Coach Outlet, he is the great command Ciron mysterious magic of the island, but the two stars holy power’
see that black-faced fellow, looking away from the candle is changed, and quickly cried.
Xiao Yan Xiupao wave surge soft fresh, will give all the people into the bottom of the dragon temple, immediately turned and shoved the body suddenly swell up, become an instant is not inferior to the other side of the golden giant, then That horrified eyes of many,Coach Outlet Store, the direct blow hard with that mysterious magic front boom together.
‘go away!’
cross boom grabbing,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan was like the roar of thunder wrath,Coach Outlet Store, but also on the horizon suddenly

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