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but if the person punished, it touches some justified,Coach Outlet Online, I look at it this way, step back and let this man playing with his friend, the General Assembly continue to organize, how? ‘Sword Venerable stroking a wisp of beard, short laugh.
Ray Venerable moment, immediately shook his head helplessly in mind, these two old guys obviously trying to damage their lives in it Venerable one, but they say there is indeed justified, and he was not thunder lives Court House , acting style is completely different from the moment of their lives in front of His Holiness only regret smile.
see mine look like that His Holiness, His Holiness lives of many face is ugly, cold eyes watching the passing faint color on farm relief Xiao Yan, face fierce and brutal, the light breath , immediately ahead of the sound dull thunder of His Holiness came: ‘If you think I’m the king of dust just relying on the Court were the first of their lives just to the end, then the deity will give you a chance to let you and him fight once,Coach Outlet Online, regardless of the outcome, you can take your friends safely away, how? ‘
lives Venerable remark, immediately caused an uproar that is sound in the square, while Xiao Yan is slightly wrinkled brow, this old guy, do not seem to struggle due respect for the strong tolerance ah. ‘Ignore this old fool,Coach Outlet Store Online, we go.,.’
Yan Lin face is slightly changed,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan pulled to want to play, he did not think this old guy actually say so, then he knows the strength of the king of dust, however,Coach Factory Outlet, in this, and can therewith war,Coach Outlet Store Online, I’m afraid Feng Qing also a handful of children and other people.
‘if it dared to fight, facing the direction of the home division knock three heads, the matter dropped. Otherwise you can not afford to go.’
king dust scarlet tongue gently licked sharp knife, Xiao Yan directed

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Xue Wu,Coach Outlet Store Online, India set off easy dust that handsome face, looked outside the station two hideous. ‘Dead!’
hideous Sheng a fall, easy to dust beat, is bitter anger against Xiao Yan chest shot away, space, at the moment the crack crack open a road slender dark, monstrous Xue Wu, filled the sky.
sharp scent blowing, looked easy to dust that hideous face, Xiao Yan eyes passing touch is cold, purple-brown palms that Crystal Mountain fingerprints, silently across the space, and then floating in a number of consternation eyes, and easy to dust bloody hands, Ying Peng fiercely together.
shaking explosions resounded suddenly at this moment, that nearly two feet of the huge stone, bang bang, is bursting into numerous fragments, one of the underlying strength of terror around the ripples spread out rapidly, but in an upcoming spread When the crowd,Coach Outlet Online, but it is an unknown force from whence came the provincial judge, quietly resolve, but even so, some people close by stone, still shook vomiting backwards. On
Square, because it undulation commotion for a moment, and soon a road is rapidly shifting field of vision, and there,Coach Outlet Store Online, dusty, so that was the situation where people can not see. ‘Bang!’
among the crowd in a hurry,Coach Outlet Store Online, a fist ** fell on top of a low voice, suddenly came out, and then the crowd is seen as a figure like a kite, and since then the field inverted out, then ruthless ruthless falls ground, paint after flying tens of meters, just slowly gather in harvest live.
all eyes looked down, saw that when covered with blood, is extremely embarrassing ghost, the full field suddenly silenced,Coach Outlet Store Online, many people are lighter inhaled breath, this day offerings were the rage Shura, today. ‘Actually lost the battle!
full field between silent,Coach Outlet, dust gradually falling, a slim figure, but is now slowly,

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is suddenly moved away, many people immediately recovered, frightened eyes that are slowly turned and walked toward the gates of Xiao Yan trio back — Shadow ‘almost think so strange scene,Coach Factory Outlet, are all heart thrown chill, no longer afraid to send out the last part of the moment of laughter. fear that strange scene, will appear in his own body.
such a strange situation,Coach Factory Outlet, quickly spread among the dragon in this man, and soon a Road horrified eyes, are all positive and look toward the gates slowly Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, its pace over the place, men are the dragon hurried back a few steps.
disregard around — round after round of horrified eyes, Xiao Yan trio went straight to the gate, immediately directly on the TV drama at the door of a purple door, where a dozen dressed in yellow with brilliant clothing Han straight standing, from within their bodies out of the dissemination of forceful breath,Coach Outlet, so that was that side of the line who did not dare to have a close,Coach Outlet, only to keep our noses to the side of the crowd waiting for the slow progress. Xiao Yan
three way forward, which is obviously at the purple door, and saw him so move, look around DaytonBecome surprised up at the door when that black emperor were to some Noire specially established strong domain fame, no other power struggle imperial order, not even think about from here to go to, but the look in front, but two teenage youth, is so strong is this?
the week — around the — eyes of Xiao Yan Zi trio paused at the door before, and that more than a dozen brilliant clothing man, sharp eyes is suddenly shot to, immediately, a hoarse laughter from behind Biography ‘ ! Oh, a few friends, here is designed for strong imperial ∫ established, if not standard, then,Coach Outlet, please, ‘the hands of a man holding a yellow robe tobacco stems, slowly out, look

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silver python just coming into flames, nine dragon within it is shoved towards me, but this time it is in the white python has some ability, was able to hold tightly to the surface of the flame is not flames to engulf and go.
python and the dragon with the flame inside the stalemate that magic master’s face is more dignified, although a little fire profile relationship with Gu Ling cold fire, but after the fire is not different, it is impossible to truly fire with Kowloon Lei Gang to compete.
rapid passage of time in the silence of the hall,Coach Outlet Online, and when the piece is going to be a white boa fire flames completely engulfed nine, ten minutes, finally arrived, waving a magic master quickly, and fled out the fire python finally swept into Among its body.
‘is indeed able to keep different fire standings twelve different fire, not against & quot;.’ back fire python, Magic Masters finally relieved smile.
‘Congratulations master of magic, you have succeeded,Coach Outlet Store,’ Tang Zhen smiled,Coach Outlet, then turned to another passenger Ming Danta riveting elders,Coach Outlet, said: ‘Shaw master, that you.’
heard, that name man named Xiao master, hesitated a moment, only to stand up and call out a group of pale blue flame,Coach Outlet Online, then it together into a palm-sized fire whale, control of its drilling within the silver flame. The master of the flame
Shaw and his companions did not tyrannical to Xiao Yan’s point of view, can only be regarded as some of the animals on the middle of the fire, the fire this beast to compete with Kowloon fire Lei Gang, I’m afraid support less than ten minutes. & Quot; As Xiao Yan
also expected, when the wait time was about seven minutes later, the blue whale finally could not resist the fire,Cheap Coach, was swarmed nine dragon, biting smashes.
seeing this, Xiao master can only sigh, directed Don earthquake

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generally shrouded in Xiao Yan head, then the Fire Dragon cohesion, fast consternation in many eyes, condensed into a whole body by purple-brown flame cemented drug Ding.
‘This is …… Sheep Fire?’
‘This is a good strong epigenetic control of fire power,Coach Outlet Store, but the use of flame into the tripod,Coach Outlet Online, and he is not afraid to alchemy, but to control it?’ Xiao Yan
the hand, is immediately attracted a lot of surprise in the face, followed by a road also sounded muffled voice.
drug Ding flame slowly floating in front of Xiao Yan, it looks like a real extreme condensate, so that was a lot of mixing drugs Guru face some solemn, the different fire control was so consummate, which requires a lot of powerful manipulation force and power of the soul?
odd that not far from the candidate, but also by the side of the movement attracted the eyes, frown, immediately sneer, do get some flashy things, the younger generation is younger Looking at the flame front forming drug
Ding,cheap coach bags, Xiao Yan flexor flick, within that drug tripod, flame born out of thin air, plop, is turned into a dragon, hovering among the drug-ting open.
cohesion medicine Ding, Xiao Yan and alchemy to continue, but slowly closed his eyes
so strange to see him move around is stunned for a moment,Coach Outlet, but Xiao Yan previously exposed first-hand look at that, but no one will be underestimated this young man looks very young.
‘Xiao Yan did not know what the intention of refining what immortality?’ The crowd, the child is looking at Xiao Yan Xuan Kong, muses.
‘I will, 萧炎基 this study will also have all, Nine immortality,Coach Outlet Store Online, refining before I do not come out, so the two are also left him with only a handful of’ old drugs softly, to this level, more and more the importance of prescription bulge,Coach Factory Outlet, if not immortality Nine prescription, you

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in here?
Qiaode Xiao Yan suddenly some discolored face ‘ancient Qingyang also slightly hesitated’ is suddenly remembered something immediately, eyes quickly turned to the wall in front of the crystal,Coach Outlet Online, but it is faintly visible between ‘some small shadow’ is rapidly convergent .
contains a forceful winds fist ‘fiercely bombarding the wall in front of the crystal, however, this time ‘expectations of grain is scattered debris does not appear’ that the fall of the fist place,coach purses outlet, just go there have been notch a half a foot or so, and this four-slot emerging ‘is there a Unit from which the penetration of liquid energy out’ quickly will it be repaired.
‘Those ancient insect bite went to the front to go!’
see such a mutation ‘everyone’s face is becoming ugly up’ some people are well up in the eyes of even a hint of panic color ‘This really is a dead end
some people nothing and again fiercely attacked twice, but still not get to big results.
‘how to do now?’
Everyone looked at each other ‘eyes focused to the last ancient Qingyang,Coach Outlet Store, but after seeing the latter is frowned’ heart sank is not help.
‘Hey ‘ancient Qingyang’ You’d better means ah’ soul of the cliff on the pale face ‘and now it is whiteOne point, chi dense road.
‘I’ll try,Coach Outlet Online,’ Xiao Yan take two steps,Coach Outlet Store, frowning slightly.
‘useless’ ancient Qingyang sigh ‘ancient insect bite phagocytic too terrible to their ability of these people’ can not really solve this impasse before.
for his sigh ‘Xiao Yan actually no reaction,Coach Factory Outlet, palm grip’ but did not display a grudge, but rather a group of purple brown in color with a white Si Sen different fire ‘call out’ with this group different fire temperature occurs within the ‘channel is immediately raised a little.
‘go.’ Xiao Yan flexor of a bomb ‘in the hands of different fire

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a silver gown emerged out of a strange man.
‘ancient demon seems Kaoru children with his feelings is really very nice, you still do not intend to give up?’ the man looked at the front of the silver gown with a black and white hair that men play all the laughs.
‘He is not the ancient tribe of people, it is not with the children smoked together, I will personally remind him’ silver gown voice calm man without the slightest fluctuations, as if to say a very subtle thing in general.
‘If he insists on not to leave? » silver gown men laughed.
man Qingtai eyes, murmured: ‘That would kill it ‘
(third more that a few minutes late,Coach Outlet Store Online, sorry ah, 1304th chapter Shura all systems
when the elders who were named after ancient Qian Hetui, Kaoru children bright eyes swept again that only heavy, veins, and finally paused on a distant Qingfeng, from where she felt a hint of very light ‘ but it is particularly familiar with the intention to kill the cold.
‘If you Ganluan ancient demon, and I certainly will not let you! ‘,Coach Outlet, the hand grip micro,coach purses outlet, Kaoru children Meimou mention anger passing touch of color.
‘Come on,Coach Bags On Sale, Xiao Yan brother » slowly repressed under fluctuating mind, Kaoru children turned to the side of Xiao Yan, it was found that the latter’s attention, she is locked in a previous place to stay.
‘strong man.’ Xiao Yan whispered, ‘with a good perception of the soul, he can detect a hint of danger breath, and opened diffuse from the hills above,cheap coach bags, and that this atmosphere, obviously aimed at him from.
‘In this ancient tribe wants to exclude some resistance among the real, ordinary means, is not the slightest effect.’ ‘
Xiao Yan looking calm, although in the ancient holy city, he directly Ling Quan, Lin Xiu and other ancient tribe of young strong beat, but he is aware,Coach Outlet, these alone,

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considered with some experience, although this soul you hurt too much,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it is not irreparable.’ Xiao Yan smiled, he was from the drug old inherited a lot of prescriptions, which also no lack of repair and immortality of the soul prescription only medicines which are needed to be more difficult to find things, which find it, take some some time.
‘the old lady did not want the wrong person -’ ‘Skyfire Venerable Xiao Yan looked deep one, and did not hesitate to throw a hand, tis suspended in the hands of its young student body fall heart inflammation,Coach Outlet, is facing Shaw inflammation journeyman.
staying cautiously fall flower heart inflammation, contact leap, Xiao Yan can feel this fragile little thing at the moment, the moment forcibly hold back the hearts of hi Italy,Coach Outlet Online, quickly remove the ‘poly-fire pot’ from the ring and then gently Carolina And will it put forward. Heart inflammation
fall fall ‘Poly fire pot’ among the faint curl temperature rises, Xiao-yan can clearly feel,Coach Outlet, an invisible fluctuation, is quietly spread out on the fall of the heart suffering from inflammation naturally he is very familiar know, which shares the invisible fluctuations is the day of the burning towers Lianqi need something »
solve- T. hospital trouble,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan is relieved out of breath, palm flash, it would be to ‘gather fire pot’ Income ring being satisfied, then the day of the fire directed by the waving of His Holiness that ‘five Fire away, ‘laughed:’ Well, this thing Bo Xiaozi it was disrespectful of the ‘finished, but also directly to the reel income ring being satisfied. Xiao Yan looked
these moves, the day the fire could not help but shook his head helplessly Venerable, holding egg white ring is satisfied,Coach Outlet, then look to the pile of bones, sighed: ‘My trouble will also come away these

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a commanding front of Xiao Yan Bao Quan, Chen Sheng said.
Xiao Yan nodded slightly, although the five command he seems to hold a faint hostility ‘but Gongsifenming ‘Ling Quan better than that of many, but let’s have some doubts Xiao Yan is’ He obviously was the first I first met this man,Coach Outlet Store Online, he’s the kind of hostility, they come from?
‘Do or because Kaoru children’s sake? ‘
Xiao Yan heart smile, the saying goes,Coach Outlet Online, the roots of troubles’ remark did not leave, not to mention the kind of disastrous Kaoru children or level, he has a hunch, trip to the ancient profession, I am afraid, and will not be smooth ……,
with a small medical cents,Coach Outlet Store Online, who slowly walked into the city, while in command of Xiao Yan ever walked past five, the latter hesitated ‘Bao Quan said: ‘If unobtrusive,Coach Outlet, then he will be able to find a time’ and Xiao Yan you learn about it? I want to see if you can really accompanied Miss »
last sentence, thin mosquitoes, but it is very clearly fall into the ears of Xiao Yan, and hear the words of Xiao Yan also sigh a sigh …… Sure enough,Coach Factory Outlet,
Xiao Yan slowly nodded his head, did not look for excuses, he smoked clear position in the ancient tribe among the children to her temperament talent, coupled with that stunning face, such as Empress Dowager, presumably this ancient tribe within ‘the vast majority of the young hero, ≦ x ≧ ≦ x ≧ ≦ x ≧ ≦ s ≧ ≦ W ≧ ≦. ≧ ≦ n ≧ ≦ è ≧ ≦ t ≧ ≦ first ≧ ≦ ≧ hair she would have been a Some heart of love, and they ‘will be very well deserved as the biggest threat to Xiao Yan rival, Xiaoyan Qing Chu, learn from this challenge, I am afraid the future will be more’ And,Coach Outlet Online, even more brutal
mind busy for his own future fate lament a cry, Xiao Yan a wave, that is, with a small medical cents, et al., in the eyes of many that ‘Step walked into

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Yan brother ⺌ ⺌ brother is the murderer, then also do not want to mess hú shot,Coach Factory Outlet, Here,Coach Bags Outlet, after all, is among my ancient tribe ‘Kaoru children Meimou glanced soul duo Lin Lan eyes, faint:’ In addition, this also is not finished, in the days of the tomb among the cliffs soul duo I had secretly steal xí ancient tribe in a pedestrian ‘This is something, perhaps we will need two months to explain.’
Kaoru children hear the remark, a Road eyes of this world, the division division directly soul Lin turned two, because most of the people here are the ancient tribe, so those eyes, but also vaguely ill together.
‘soul forest, Kaoru children said, but the truth?’ Tong Xuan is gradually elders looking ugly,Coach Outlet Store Online, look to the soul duo Li, Chen Sheng shouted, Kaoru children Kamijina dish has a pulse, is undoubtedly among the ancient tribe now The most important person, if she dared soul duo Cliff shot,Coach Outlet Store, then say what also have to give them an unforgettable lesson!
see children being smoked to a counter-jun, Lin soul duo is looking slightly changed, they actually did not think two people could be so bold soul cliff, actually really dare tomb in the day for children and others smoked shot, However, this time, they obviously can not recognize how kind, the moment is cold shouted: ‘Well, strong word ⺌ ⺌ wins ⺌ reason, you just want to wash it dragged the suspect, said today in the ancient community, I have two really helpless,Coach Factory Outlet, but Xiao Yan, you give the old lady duo remember, soul cliff two of the enemy, to say the family is bound to report my soul. ‘
Xiao Yan looking calm ‘faint:’ two words, I will keep in mind. ‘
saw Xiao Yan so that the soul of the forest is more and more cold two eyes,Coach Outlet Store, but they are aware, this is not even to mention the ancient tribe said the people, just the strength rose